Frequently Asked Questions

How to measure spacing of existing wall studs:
Beginning from left to right, measure from the corner to the center of the first wall stud. Continue measuring from the left corner to additional wall stud, to the right corner. This total measurement should equal the total side width. Repeat for rear going left to right. Total should equal overall rear width.

What if I need more help measuring?
In some locations we can arrange for measuring. Please call for more information.

How do I measure an elevator for pads?
Click here to learn how to measure.

What are the tolerances for measuring pads?
Because of the beefy quilted padding, there is an allowance of +/- ¼ inch

What else can Westcoast Pads protect?
Lots! Click here to see some innovative ideas.

How do I order Elevator Pads?
Click here to order.

What are my payment options?
Click here to order.
We accept cash, check and credit cards.

How fast can I get a standard or custom pad?
Normal lead time is 2-5 business days.
Custom pads take two to three weeks from receipt of logo or fabric.

Eyelets vs. grommets: what is the difference?
If there are wall studs in place, eyelets are easier and require no measuring. If grommets are preferred, measuring is required.

How do I choose the right hanging method?
From inside your elevator cab determine if you have:

  • Wall studs pre-installed
  • Raised panels with open space at top to hook over
  • Suspended ceiling with open space at edge to hook over. (See our Hardware products.)

Which is more durable: canvas or vinyl?
Our heavy-duty vinyl is thicker and takes more abuse. It is the first choice for pads hung continuously.

What standard pad colors are available?
Click here to see our available colors.

What is the difference between Industrial and Designer Fabrics?
Both offer great protection. Designer fabrics match your unique image, brand or surrounding décor.

How can I order custom fabric?
For any solid canvas color send us a swatch, paint chip or carpet threads and we will match it as closely as possible.

If you choose to use your own special fabric, call us to determine how many yards you will need.

How do I clean/repair the pads?
We offer both repair and freshener kits. Pads must be dry cleaned to retain their flame retardency.

What if I need embroidered lettering, logos, or pockets sewn on to my pad?
Click here to see our Accessories.