How To Measure

Often you can select the right pad set by knowing the pound capacity of your elevator. Most elevators will use the pad sets listed below:

Standard Cab Sizes

Pound Capacity
by Weight
Side Rear Side Height Options
in Foot Increments
(in inches)
2000 51″ 70″ 51″ 7′ or 8′ or 9′, 10′,11′,12′
2500 51″ 80″ 51″ 7′ or 8′ or 9′, 10′,11′,12′
3000 57″ 80″ 57″ 7′ or 8′ or 9′, 10′,11′,12′
3500 65″ 80″ 65″ 7′ or 8′ or 9′, 10′,11′,12′
4000 89″ 65″ 89″ 7′ or 8′ or 9′, 10′,11′,12′
4500 96″ 68″ 96″ 7′ or 8′ or 9′, 10′,11′,12′
5000 102″ 70″ 102″ 7′ or 8′ or 9′, 10′,11′,12′
7500 105″ 71″ 105″ 7′ or 8′ or 9′, 10′,11′,12′

If you are unsure of the measurements or the elevator does not fit into this matrix, then you need to get some simple measurements.

Three measurements are required for a basic set of elevator pads

  1. The width of the side walls.
  2. The width of the back wall.
  3. The height of the elevator-ceiling to floor.

Watch our instructional videos on measuring:


Measuring apps available for download:

Dot Measure (iPhone) Smart Measure (Android) Air Measure (iPhone)
dot-measuring App for Apple products. iPhone smart-measuring app for Android Air Measure app for iPhone iOS 11 plus

If you still are not confident about the right pads measurements our trained customer service team will help you. Please have this additional information available when you call:

  • Are you hanging pads off of wall studs, raised panels or a suspended ceiling?
  • If wall studs, are they already in place?
  • The pound capacity of the elevator.


How To Fill Out The Order Form

  1. Side wall: measure width from the front corner to the rear corner.
  2. Back wall: measure width from the left side wall corner to the right side wall corner.
  3. Height: Measure the overall length of the elevator wall-ceiling to floor. (Deduct 4” from the height for Government compliance). Further adjustments may be necessary depending on hanging system. If Wall Studs are installed, measure from the stud to the floor. (Deduct 4” from the height for Government compliance). *If you need grommets, additional measurements will be required.
  4. Front returns: Measure from corner to edge of door.
  5. For the CUTOUT, measure the length and width of the piece to be cut out. Measure how far it begins from either side. Then measure from the top of the elevator down to where the cutout begins. If there are two cutouts, repeat the above steps.

*To measure spacing of existing wall studs; Beginning from left to right measure from the corner to the center of the first wall stud. Continue measuring from the left corner to additional wall stud, to the right corner. This total measurement should equal the total side width. Repeat for rear going left to right. Total should equal overall rear width.