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blanketOur founder, Leslie Malloy, knows how to solve challenges involving fabrics and protective coverings. As a graduate of UCLA and Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, she has built a successful business around designing reliable solutions that  cover and protect. Our experienced and well-trained staff is ready to tackle any problem that may involve quilted solutions. WestCoast Innovative Pro-pads has helped many businesses solve unique protection and covering problems. From race tracks to interior decorators and construction sites to recording studios we have custom made the right solution. Call us today and let us help you find the right answer. A partial list of protective solutions in designer fabrics:



Home & Office Covering Solutions

  • Personalized Picnic pads
  • Personalized dog and cat pads
  • Window treatments
  • Designer wall treatments
  • Museum exhibit covers
  • Automotive cargo pads
  • Removable acoustic wall coverings
  • Custom quilted equipment storage covers
  • Music instrument covers


Hotels and Restaurants

  • Protection for  construction areas
  • Protection for delicate surfaces in restaurants
  • Corner protection
  • Designer wall coverings
  • Protective Elevator pads and floor mats
  • Corridor and ramp protection


Cruise Ships & Buildings

  • Protective covering for luggage storage hold
  • Protective elevator pads
  • Designer wall coverings
  • Flags and banners:
    (Used for community art projects or advertising, these banners come as a “blank canvas” for you to decorate. The standard street banner is 3′ by 5′. Minimum order is 10.)
    Testimonial: “Westcoast came to my rescue when we needed 40 customized canvas banners  for a community art project. They advised us on materials and design which ensured that the end result was durable as well as beautiful. ”
    – ACW, VP Stoner Creek Arts


Horse Lovers

  • Horse entry wall covering for the racetrack ramp
  • Horse stall coverings with custom lettering
  • Horse trailer wall pads with custom lettering


Count on our 35 years experience to solve
unique style and padding protection opportunities