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Protecting Elevators Around the World for 40+Years

How It All Started

Built upon the lease of a single industrial sewing machine, WestCoast Innovative Pro Pads was founded in 1982 by Leslie Malloy. WestCoast has reached international status over the last four decades, establishing itself as a reliable and valued protective pad manufacturer for thousands of elevator companies, building owners and contractors worldwide, because clients count on our pads to protect their elevator investment and promote a more professional look.

Since our first-ever sale to Westinghouse Elevator in Burbank, California, years ago, WestCoast Innovative Pro Pads has refined its protective padding product to near-perfection. With protecting clients’ investments at the core of our business model, our pads can not only withstand the damage from bulk or sharp objects, but they are all handcrafted with a true designer’s eye and made specifically for each customer. At WestCoast Innovative Pro Pads, we are also proud to be ethical manufacturers, as our products are “Made in America” and, most importantly, made with eco-friendly materials.

Though we are located in the historic city of Pasadena, we offer our pads globally. Because our product features an unmatched combination of customization, quality and everybody’s favorite – speedy delivery – we’ve supplied and continue to supply products to elevator contractors in Europe, Australia and numerous countries worldwide. While WestCoast Innovative Pro Pads is the international leader in protective covering for freight, passenger and residential elevators, we also provide innovative solutions to make hanging and storing our pads fast and easy.

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About the Founder: Leslie Malloy

Working as a receptionist at Oliver & Williams Elevator Company, our founder and CEO Leslie Malloy started WestCoast Innovative Pro Pads when she was 23 after receiving calls from customers asking about elevator protection padding. With little information to provide these callers, Leslie took what she learned through her degrees in fashion design and merchandising from FIDM and business/economics from UCLA, and she decided to provide this elevator protection everyone was asking about.

By designing and sewing these pads on her own through a single sewing machine and a $5,000 loan, the seeds of what we now know today as WestCoast Innovative Pro Pads were planted in her living room. Forever a student of design and one who seeks to innovate, Leslie grew and nurtured WestCoast Innovative Pro Pads into a top-tier manufacturer through countless hours of researching fabrics, fillers, quilting vendors and the building and fire safety codes. But she didn’t stop there. She continued to seek out ways to reliably and most efficiently hang or use these pads. In addition to providing patent-pending hanging solutions for her elevator pads, Leslie stepped up from her competitors and substantiated WestCoast Innovative Pro Pads by going green. To this day, WestCoast Innovative Pro Pads is the only elevator padding company that manufactures its products with eco-friendly materials.

Those who know Leslie – friends and clients alike – describe our founder and CEO as a person they trust and respect. Leslie also understands the value and the company’s need for more women’s voices, not only within the elevator industry but within business overall. In fact, when she first started WestCoast Innovative Pro Pads, one of her biggest challenges was maintaining viability in such a male-dominated industry. Nevertheless, through her resilience, Leslie and her company still stand strong and ahead of the pack.

The Future: Marghi Malloy

Keeping it within the family, Marghi Malloy is WestCoast Innovative Pro Pads’s bright, impending successor to her mother Leslie. Essentially raised inside the company’s four “padded” walls, WestCoast Innovative Pro Pads is in great, qualified hands looking down the road, as Marghi is seasoned for success.

 Marghi attended her first annual National Association of Elevator Contractors convention (NAEC) in Boston in 1989 as a four-month-old and has been to almost every convention since. Now as a member of NAEC’s NexGen group, she serves on their membership development committee and attends summit retreats.

Aspiring to be a key contributor and leading voice within the elevator industry, Marghi is passionate about getting to know people within the industry and the customers who do business with WestCoast Innovative Pro Pads. She enjoys traveling for work and visiting new places around the world.


WestCoast Innovative Pro Pads is a proud and influential member of the following associations:

  • National Association of Elevator Contractors (NAEC)
  • Elevator Escalator Safety Foundation (EESF)
  • Elevator Industry Group of Southern California (EIG)
  • Chicago Elevator Association (CEA)
  • Elevator Conference of New York (ECNY)
  • Northern California Elevator Industry Group (NCEIG)
  • Building Owners and Managers Association International (BOMA)
  • National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO)
  • Pasadena Chamber of Commerce
  • The Vertical Initiative for Elevator Escalator Women (VIEEW)