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Protection Through Craftsmanship

At WestCoast Innovative Pro Pads, we construct our elevator protective padding with the same level of precision, care and quality as we did when we first opened shop almost 40 years ago. The only difference is we continue to innovate by making our padding customizable, easy-to-hang and eco-friendly.

But you may be wondering how this niche product is made. They look so simple on the surface, yet our padding is engineered with multi-layer protection in mind so that any expensive elevator cab interior is optimally safeguarded from any potential damage, such as renovations or careless freight delivery. We do this with the goal of making our pads easy-to-hang and eco-friendly.

Check out how WestCoast Innovative Pro Pads protective pads are made below.

From Our Hands to the Inside of Your Elevator’s Interior

  1. First, the raw material, whether canvas or vinyl, is dyed to match our four standard colors (Royal Blue, Tan, Grey, Brown). Call us about our premium colors and patterns.
  2. The now-dyed material is then quilted together using thick 100% cotton filler with either a zigzag or diamond stitch pattern.
  3. The quilted material is then treated with flame-retardancy, which is a nontoxic product that is applied to the material.
  4. From there, the pads are carefully measured and cut to the customer’s specifications and finished with a bias edge trim, including any special cutouts for corners, control panels and floor indicators.
  5. Once measured and finished and the type of hanging solution has been chosen, either the grommet holes are punched directly into the pads, or the webbing or loop trim will be sewn onto the padding.
  6. Pads are then inspected by our quality control team. Finally, before being boxed up and shipped along with the proper hanging hardware, our pads are inspected for any defects or blemishes and overall craftsmanship by our quality control team.