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WestCoast’s Hanging Solution: The Ultimate Loop Hole ®

After receiving your new elevator pads, your probably can’t wait to hang them up. After all, they are meant to guarantee protection to your elevator and belongings so nothing gets damaged. However, what if your protective pads aren’t staying up? Now they can’t do their job – unless you use the right hanging solution.

At WestCoast Innovative Pro Pads, we work hard to ensure that your protective padding stays up, especially when faced with a wide variety of situations that could cause your pads to be ripped down. That is why our founder, Leslie Malloy, created her own hanging solution: The Ultimate Loop Hole ®.

The Ultimate Loop Hole ® Hanging Solution

The innovatively designed The Ultimate Loop Hole ® was designed by Leslie to do what hanging solutions do best: stay up. This patent-pending device will keep your elevator pads up, no matter what.

The revolutionary loop system allows you to hang any padding in any elevator with any kind of hook. Think of it as a skeleton key for hanging solutions. The simplicity of the design, along with its unique function, creates a manner of elegance that no other hanging solution can replicate.

The new technology allows all elevators to be covered – literally. The Ultimate Loop Hole ® serves as the most convenient way to hang your elevator pads.

Design of The Ultimate Loop Hole ®

Known as Style 125 at WestCoast Innovative Pro Pads, the Ultimate Loop Hole ® has continuous ¾” industrial strength loops that are double stitched along the back top edge of the pads.

These loops are virtually invisible from the front. There is no need to measure spacing for all studs, as The Ultimate Loop Hole ® can be used with wall studs, ceiling or panel hooks, covering all possible ways of utilizing the hanging solution.

The Ultimate Loop Hole ® currently comes in black and can be purchased today at WestCoast Innovative Pro Pads.

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