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With something as seemingly straightforward as protective padding for elevators, our product has been continuously refined for multiple uses, eco-friendliness and optimal protection for elevators and other precious belongings. At WestCoast Innovative Pro Pads, we also want to make sure that our product is always easy to install and remains hanging. To ensure this, we have patented methods of hanging our protective padding, including our patented, innovatively designed “The Ultimate Loop Hole” ® (patent number  US 11,608,249 B1).


Continuing to think outside of the box and remain innovative has proven vital to WestCoast Innovative Pro Pads flourishing in business for nearly four decades. However, it is not the sole reason for our success. In fact, establishing industry standards and garnering client trust has made us one of, if not the, leading name in our realm of business. We’ve built this trust because our innovative products are known to be the best. Not only are these pads manufactured to be eco-friendly‚ but our protective padding is finished with nontoxic fire retardant that passes the NFPA 701 vertical burn test, complying with CA State Title 19 Health and Safety Code, the ASTM-E84 flame spread standard and the MVSS302, UL 94, Can3 and B44 Rule 3.6.2.