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Padding Accessories

Keeping Your Elevators Fresh, Clean and Extra Protected

In addition to our hand-crafted designed elevator protection pads, we also have a large selection of accessories and add-ons, like elevator jamb pads and entrance mats, to help ensure your elevator has that extra level of protection from damage. But we also want your pads to remain clean and pristine so that they look good as they hang to protect, which is why we also sell storage bags, canvas spot removal and even polish for elevator interiors. Check out our selection of elevator pad accessories below.

Heavy Duty Storage Bag

(Store Complete Pad Set Neatly)

  • Keeps your protective pads together, clean and ready to hang.
  • Made of tough nylon.
  • Easy-grip handles and rugged zipper closure.
  • 27″W, 23″H, 16″D.

Embroidered Appliquéd Signage

(Custom Embroidered Logo)

  • Customized company logos, emblems, family crest or building name or address.
  • Standard size: 12″ x 18″.
"Caution glass wall" image

Tyvek Printed Sign

(Caution Glass Wall)

  • Caution Glass Wall signage.
  • Black on White 8.5” by 11”.
Clear plastic windows for pads

Plastic Windows

(Show Information Behind Pads)

  • Clear plastic window for information to remain visible to the public.
  • Protects vital technical or building information.

Exterior Elevator Jamb Pads

(Protect Your Exterior Elevator Door Jamb and Entrances)

  • Three-piece system protects the exterior lobby side header and the two vertical door jambs in any steel, baked enamel or magnetically receptive elevator entrance.
  • Not to cover or block door function.
Interior door pad jam

Interior Door Jamb Pads (NOT for elevators)

(Protect Your Interior Door Jambs and Entrances)

  • Two-piece set protects door jamb and header for hallway, office and conference room interior doors.
  • Spring steel C-Clamps hold pads securely in place.
  • Accommodates up to 12″ jambs.
handrail pad shown both with and without handrail

Handrail Pad

(Expose Your Handrail)

  • Keep your handrail accessible while still hanging protective wall pads.
  • Velcro straps attach the top to the bottom pad connecting behind the handrail leaving it exposed for safety.
Beam pad

Beam Pads

(Protect Exposed Beams)

  • Thick, quilted pads with grommets in all corners and sides for easy wrapping and protection for exposed beams.
  • Standard sizes: 12″ x 18″, 18″ x 18″ or 18″ x 24″. Any size made to order.
Pocket insert image

Pockets for Inserts

(Extra protection from sharp edges)

  • Extra protection from sharp edges.
  • Pocket on the backside of quilted pad with a top opening.
  • Material can be inserted providing an extra barrier against sharp edges.
  • Use your own filler material such as plywood, masonite or Plexiglas-filler material (not included).

Velcro Corners

(Keep padding pieces connected)

  • Keep padding pieces connected.
  • Hook and loop trim sewn along the vertical corner edges to connect.

Pull Straps

(Close the Door With Ease)

  • Made from 1 1/2″ wide, heavy-duty belting with a sturdy grommet in one end.
  • Standard sizes: 29 1/2″ and 39 1/2″ finished to prevent unraveling.
Roll-up pads

Roll Up Pads

(Leave Pads Hanging)

  • Allows you to keep pads hanging.
  • No need to remove pads from wall. Conveniently roll up pads when not needed and secure with Velcro tab on strap end.

Extension Pole Hanger

(Simplify Hanging with Extension Pole)

  • The easiest way to hang elevator pads without a ladder.
  • Hook end guides grommet hole over wall stud.
  • Especially helpful when the occasional grommet comes unhooked while pad is hanging.

Grommet Tool and Cutter

(Create Your Own Grommet Spacing)

  • Create your own grommet spacing with tools to cut holes and install grommets.
  • These tools help maintain a professional image while allowing you to do it yourself.
  • Size #5 ID 5/8″.

National Guards® NG316 Spot Lifter

(Easy Spot Remover)

  • National Guards® powdered spot and stain lifter easily removes most spots from canvas pads without removing flame-retardancy.
  • Spray, let dry and brush off.

Restoro™ Cleaner/Polish

(Keep Metal and Glass Looking Their Best)

  • Highly effective metal and glass cleaner.
  • Nontoxic, nonabrasive powder safe for use on stainless steel, aluminum, brass, chrome, copper, plastic laminates, glass and marble.
  • Removes streaks, grease, tarnish and even magic marker and ink, leaving a clean, polished surface behind.